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Chemical Dependency Counselor Training is available via our classroom location in Houston,TX or via Distance Learning

Chemical Dependency Counselor Training- Offered through distance learning in California.

ICDS is a CAADAC approved education provider and offers the required education to become a chemical dependency counselor in California.

Step 1 Complete the first six phases of CDC training 270 classroom hours 6 months
Step 2 Volunteer in an addiction counseling environment that utilizes the 12 core functions of a drug and alcohol counselor 45 hours  
Step 3 Supervised Practicum 255 hours 1 year
Step 4 Schedule & Take Exam
*Hours will vary depending on which courses can be transferred and how many hours have already been completed

CADC Training Location

6233 Variel Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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CADC Training Schedule

We are not currently offering training at this location please contact us at 1-866-523-2669.

Course I: Introduction to Alcohol & Other Drug Addictions (85 clock hours)

  1. A Basic Knowledge: Physical and Pharmacological Effects
  2. B Diversity of Intervention and Treatment Approaches
  3. C Knowledge of 12 Step and Mutual Aid Groups

Course II: Basic Counseling Skills and Methods (150 clock hours)

  1. A Individual Counseling
  2. B Group Counseling
  3. C Effects of Family - Counseling Families and Significant Others
  4. D Counseling Special Populations
  5. E Relapse Prevention
  6. F Vocational Education Counseling
  7. G Communicable Diseases: HIV/AIDS, STDs, TB, Hepatitis
  8. H Human Growth and Development

Course III: Assessment Skills of Alcohol & Other Drug Addictions (70 clock hours)

  1. A Assessment and Evaluation
  2. B Case Management and Referral
  3. C Treatment Planning, Client Record Keeping and Discharge Planning
  4. D Patient, Family and Community Education and Prevention

Course IV: Current Issues (45 clock hours)

  1. A Counselor Ethics
  2. B Confidentiality/Legal Issues
  3. C Counselor - Client Relationsips
  4. D Counselor Wellness

Course V: Addiction Counseling Practicum (300 hours)*

  1. A CLinical Evaluation
  2. B Treatment Planning
  3. C Referral
  4. D Service Coordination
  5. E Counseling
  6. F Client, Family and Community Education
  7. G Documentation
  8. H Professional and Ethical Responsibility

CADC Training Tuition

For tuition information and student financial assistance see the student financing page.

  • Books: $450
  • Shipping: $25
  • Tuition: $7,025
  • Total Cost of the Program: $7,500


ICDS Admissions

Toll Free: 1-866-523-2669

(512) 246-6007

ICDS Administrative Support


Employment Opportunities as a CADC

As a drug and alcohol counselor you will have the opportunity to work in a number of different areas, including residential treatment, outpatient treatment, outreach, screening and referral community programs, dual diagnosis programs, adolescent programs, women with children, domestic violence victims or offenders, criminal justice programs, veteran’s programs, employee assistance programs, prevention programs, and Court Diversion Programs.

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