Clinical Supervision Certification Training - 30 CEU Hours Workshop

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The ICDS Clinical Supervision certification training is a 2 day workshop (+ 14 hour home study) that fulfills the training requirement to become a counselor intern supervisor in Texas, as well as a number of other states. Please see your state licensure/certification board to determine any differences in certification requirements (In most cases, 30 hours will fuflfill the training requirements).

The Clinical Supervision Training Addresses:

  • How to supervise counselor interns to ensure quality performance;
  • How to meet the requirements for documentation and supervision of CIs with a minimum of suffering by both parties;
  • How to write a CTI application and maintain your status with DSHS;
  • Sample curriculums to meet educational requirements for CIs;
  • Sample curriculum for supervisory standards and effective methods;
  • The roles of the clinical supervisor and methods of supervision in your environment;
  • Suggestions for creating a cohesive staff environment through clinical supervision;
  • All three modules also provide CEU hours.

Course Breakdown

  1. Module I - How to acquire and maintain CTI status - 8 CEU Hours Workshop
    • CTI application requirements
    • CTI staff training requirements
    • FAQ’s about CTI standards and rules
    • CTI compliance
  2. Module II - Providing supervision and completing documentation in your CTI - 8 CEU Hours Workshop
    • CI supervision in a CTI environment
    • Documentation forms and methods for completion
    • Education required for Counselor Interns (CIs) in the CTI environment (sample curriculum is included)
  3. Advanced Clinical Supervision - 14 hour independent study
    • Roles of the clinical supervisor
    • Methods of supervision
    • Suggestions for creating a cohesive staff environment through clinical supervision

Requirements to Become a Clinical Supervisor in Texas

Additional certification information is also available at

  • Currently licensed;
  • 10,000 hours (approximately five years) of counseling experience in the field of addiction counseling;
  • 4,000 hours (approximately two years) of actual supervisory experience in the field of addiction counseling (must include 200 contact hours of face-to-face clinical supervision);
  • Thirty hours of didactic training in clinical supervision. This must include at least six hours of training in each of the following areas: Assessment/Evaluation, Counselor Development, Management/Administration and Professional Responsibility;
  • One letter of reference from a supervisor and two letters of reference from peers;
  • Successful score on the ICRC Clinical Supervision Examination.